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My Favorite Pet!!!!

I think everyone has a favorite pet of all. With all of my pets over the years, I have always loved each one deeply and have given each one all my attention. I am so grateful to have been able to have such wonderful animals in my life.

But...there was a very special one that will never be topped. She was a wonderful, wonderful dog!  

Meet Faith. She was an Australian Shepherd, blue merle. I adopted her in 1984 when she was a tiny fur-ball, 10 weeks old. She had been living on a farm, being raised to become a herder for the farmer. But, after a couple of weeks of having her, he realized something was wrong because she never moved when a car would blow its horn at her or if the farmer would yell at her to get out of the way of the tractor. He discovered Faith was born deaf and partially blind. He was going to have her put to sleep because he figured no one would want to adopt her like this. But, when I heard about her, I immediately said I would adopt her. I never, ever regretted it!! Even my own veterinarian told me that I should have her put to sleep because she was going to never be able to live a normal life and have troubles throughout her life. I just couldn't think about that without giving her a chance in life.

I already had a great German shepherd named Shana, who was about 7 years old at the time. Shana took Faith under her wings and taught her everything she needed to know. Faith followed Shana around everywhere. I think Shana loved Faith as much as I. I tried to take both dogs with me everywhere I went.

Even though Faith was deaf, she and I learned to read each other's body language as well as hand signals. I believe she was able to read my facial expressions, even. She was so in-tuned with me. Her vision was also poor so I knew to stay close enough for her to be able to see me.

Faith was always perfect with all the pets I fostered and owned. She never seemed upset by any new animal coming into our home...she just accepted them as if they've been with us all along. If it was an animal we were fostering, she would act like their mother and take care of them as well as she could. Most of the foster animals were kittens and she would clean them, let them crawl all over her and curl up with her to sleep. She never met an animal she didn't like.

Faith moved with me to Ohio in 1986. We moved to South Carolina in 1998. She adjusted to the moves very well. She accepted my husband and his 2 dogs and 1 cat into our life easily. When our Bulldog had puppies, Faith became the aunt of the puppies. She'd crawl into the whelping box when their mom would go outside. She was the matriarch of the clan.

Faith lived to be 16 1/2 years old. As I stated earlier, I never regretted adopting her. She gave me so much in those 16 years and she will always be the one pet in my life that I will never forget!!

Longmont, Colorado


photo by Steve of Loveland, Colorado

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